Monday, March 23, 2009

Manufacturing Experience

I worry as every Wednesday rolls around that I lack the necessary, new set of experiences for a fresh article.

Abhi, my nephew, has been saying that he wants to take Uncle Stefan for a day out and about in the city. He has given Stefan a choice between going to the zoo and going to Bhrikuti Mandap, with its rides. Of course, Stefan can choose any place he wants, but it has to be between these two places, such are his conditions.

I am pretty sure I will write about them for next Sunday: an American Zen monk and a seven year old Nepali boy riding a ferris-wheel or sharing a stick of kulfi. Stefan constantly having to respond to the curious gaze of Kathmanduites and Abhi running all over the place, being his hyperactive, charming but a pain-in-the-ass presence.

How do I feel about inventing a set of experiences just so that I can meet a deadline? I feel it very smart of me, thank you.

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