Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Bull! Red Bull!

Took me three hours to get to the half-way mark with the project. And only one can of Red Bull [Thai version] which contains the following chemicals:

Taurine, aka Bulljuice;
Vitamine B6

Nicotinamide, it seems, is not exactly what it sounds like. I won't wake up a monster tomorrow--or so I hope. Choline is supposed to protect the liver from certain kind of damage, and I can only hope that these are the kinds of damages that chemical with names like trimethylxantine cause to the liver...

Crunch time, people! If I can finish a few projects tonight, I can go to India tomorrow night. If I can't finish these projects, I can't go to India. Savanna Ferguson and Eli are going to be in Kolkata [information strictly for y'all who know Ms Ferguson], and I also want to witness the elections frenzy, especially in Bihar. With some luck, I will pass through cities where Ravi Kissan and Manoj Tiwari, superstars of the Bhojpuri film industry, are contesting. I think Ravi Kissan for the Congress [I] and Tiwari for the Samajwadi Party, with Sanjay Dutt likely to campaign for him. I might have got the names mixed up.

So, to help me through the night, I peed into an open drain, then bought two cans of Thai Red Bull. I don't know! The ingredients list is in Thai, so that's helpful. Naaaaat! But it has that Red Bull logo of bulls locking horns, although I am not sure if that image is trademarked in Thailand or not. Which is to say--I am totally clueless about what I am about to ingest.

I am hoping it will have sufficient amount of caffeine to make my heart flutter and my hands shake. I hope it will have enough sugar to last me two hours. I hope I can stay awake.

In other news: I broke a hinge off my laptop. I realize how totally Neanderthal that sounds: but it didn't happen because I was using brute force. I don't think I could have broken an aluminum pin that thick. Luckily, on this old-ass Dell, one hinge carries all data, and the other is simply a hinge. I think my laptop is now solidly desk-bound, because I see no point in fixing it now.

So--I am looking for ways of making quick money, if any of you out there know how a guy like me can help himself.

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  1. savanna and eli in kolkata! Please say hi to them for me!

    Jashon bhai


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