Friday, April 9, 2010


Maden--no photos, because I have no camera with me, and NTGK is taking all the pictures. But, once internet isn't as expensive, I'll post some pictures. There will be a set of before-after pictures, but my hope of losing weight now seems foolish. I have a grand appetite, and walk like a well-fed sloth, so I am afraid I might return with a bigger belly, not a smaller one.

After Namche, we walked to Thame--a very beautiful walk along Bhotekoshi, with a couple of valleys so achingly beautiful it makes you want to start potato farming and raising yaks. Laligurans is in full bloom here, entire trees--not shrubs as in the mid-hills, but large trees-are resplendent in pink and white. There is a small metal bridge over Bhotekoshi just before reaching Thame--the rocks are sculpted into graceful curves and crannies.

We stayed at Appa Sherpa's tea-house, met the man himself, interviewed him. At one point, he poured hot water into my water bottle. Yeah. That happened.

Went up to the monastery in Thame, where who should we end up talking to but Appa Sherpa's Thawa brother Nawang Rapta... the monastery is building a six-room hotel to supplement its meager income. NTGK took a portrait of Nawang Rapta under the skylights in the still-under-construction space, and it is my favorite so far.

From Thame we walked back towards Namche, climbed up to the ridiculously small village of Syangboche, stopped for a talk, three cups of tea and one and half rings of canned pineapple-in-syrup at Nepal's only Yak Breeding Center, which--hold your breath--some politician apparently wants to convert into a high-altitude golf course.

If anyone knows that politician, please punch him on the nose on my behalf. If you look at the complete picture, domestic Yak is poised to become an extinct species. Of course, there is no such thing as a wild species of Yak.

Today at Khumjung, a most picturesque village all of green roofs [except the monastery--which has red roofs and ancient pines guarding it], and where the famous Hillary School is located. Tomorrow to Tyangboche.

Here, internet is Rs 15/min.

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