Monday, July 12, 2010

Limited Space -- Unlimited Creativity

Chau Dang's initials are LTD.  Specialty is making puns. In one of her comic panels, the girl says: "I miss you like crazy." The boy replies: "I wish you were loco." Loco--crazy, here. I think we once counted up to 5 layers of pun-making in one of her facebook status posts. She a craaaaaaazy lady. Also, she is just about 5' tall, which makes her dangerous.

I need to get a blogroll going. Will do that soon enough, I promise. In the meanwhile, enjoy LTD space.

1 comment:

  1. What's up with the "yeah do it". That's creepy prawin, now i don't want to comment.

    But what I was going to say was: thanks for the post! I got a few readers from you. You over estimated my height but you're still right...i am dangerous =)


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