Saturday, January 17, 2009


Just when I am about to get out, they pull me right back in!

I was all set to leave for Kolkata, but the contract papers weren't ready, and won't be before Monday. When I thought I could leave on Monday, I was informed that I have a meeting scheduled late Tuesday. When I thought of leaving on Wednesday, I realized I have to go to Janakpur on Thursday, if I am going to be in the area anyway--it is a big day of celebration for Bikram. So, I think that is what is going to happen: I am going to be in Janakpur on Thursday, which means I can reach Kolkata Saturday at the earliest , possibly Sunday...

On the other hand, I think Huyen's package for me has reached here, which means I will have a couple of good books to read while on the train... And it was a real surprise to get a hand-typed, colorfully signed X-mas card from Matt. From Seattle, WA, so I am hoping he is having a great time.

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