Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Pox on You, and Your Goat, Too!

People--I seriously doubt if you have noticed this at all, but the adsense bar along the right side of this page has changed into Google's public service ads. That is because a] I am averaging 5 visitors a day, and b] because nobody was clicking on the ads. I mean, nobody.

My plans to retire on Adsense money have been indefinitely postponed, given the fresh development.

And you are to blame, for not being more numerous, more loyal, more interested [in me! me!], and most importantly, totally failing to appreciate the effort I put into this blog, as reflected in the articles I post, and the occasional, but brilliant, series of photographs, even if they are mostly of my nephew. I have nobody else to photograph, what is a man to do?

Well, bitches, I am no longer making the average of US$0.02/day. Thanks to you.

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  1. you have a way with turd descriptions. i will tell all known poo fans to head here thus boosting your profile and money-making schemes. love ur ktm post articles too :)


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