Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Word at a Time

I finally finished translating the book of short stories: a total of 26,000 words, it is almost 6,000 words less than a short story I wrote my first summer in Walla Walla, with a badly infected ear and Lea making too much noise with [Black] Jason in the next room throughout each night, just driving me nuts with sleeplessness.

I am done with this one for the time being. I am expecting a round of feedback before second edits. I don't know if that will happen for sure.

Throughout the work, I wasn't feeling very rewarded. On the last day, the last page, the penultimate paragraph, I wrote the following paragraph, a rather loose translation of the Nepali original, which I have included for y'all, the two of you who can read Nepali.

Now I spend a few days intensely writing a year-book for an INGO, after which, I am going underground for a month to write a script.

"The anguish in my heart had risen until it was glued to the mind itself, building a thick bridge between the two places with which I was in the habit of seeing the world."

---Nepali original:
"Mero chhati bhitra ko dukhai tibra bhayera dimag mai tappakka tasiyeko thiyo-- yeuta anautho, mayabi chumbakiya pakad!!"

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