Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nothing for Sunday

My mind is blank. I did not sleep well a few days back, for a few nights in a row. Which mostly means I did not have the time to have lucid dreams. Because of that, my mind went to sleep. I kept the brain running with Red Bull, but the mind is a bitch of another creed.

So, nothing for Sunday's Kathmandu Post. Which is sad, because I really thought I was at a point where I had to write better than my usual: last Sunday's essay was by far the most moronic in thought, most juvenile in attitude. I thought I'd hit the bottom, and wanted to bounce back with something good--not necessarily easy to read or interesting for the readers, because, fuck the reader, but something rewarding to myself. That did not happen. I prepared, I really did, but when time came to write, other matters occupied the mind. I have three writing projects going simultaneously, but am preoccupied by something beyond my control to *effect.*

What this Sunday's essay would have been about:
--the bearded old man who usually stands around PN Shah's statue at Singha Durbar, with a feather duster in his hand, wearing white daura with slogans on it;
--the sparrow of a lady who volunteers to control traffic between Lainchaur and Kapurdhara;
--the fact that the rest of us, citizens of Kathmandu, can go eat shit before the dedication these two show towards lost causes; and,
--an Edward Lear limerick, which goes:

"There was an Old Man of Nepaul,
From his horse did have a terrible fall;
But, though split quite in two, with some very strong glue
They mended that man of Nepaul."

I had a vague idea that most of Nepal's citizens seem to be divided between slaving for a psychic cause [Old Man, nationalism]; and a material cause [traffic-volunteer lady, controlling vehicles]. However, the psychic seems to dominate over the material in politics [Newa Rajya calling for chakka jam, making livelihood more expensive]. Although, ideally, the material should dominate over the psychic [good roads should lead to better expression of national cohesion; reduced load-shedding should positively affect civil discourse about constitution-writing]. And so on.

But, shit didn't get written, people.

In other news: I had sent an inquiry to Teri Choden about a month back, when Nayantara suggested I should contact her about writing for Y! Magazine. I didn't hear from her. But, apparently this month's Y! Magazine mentions this blog as a half-decent read in the Nepali blogosphere. So, instead of inviting me to write for the magazine, Y! referred readers here!

I thought I'd greet those readers, you know, the ones that are going to change the average daily visits to this site from 6 to maybe 9 for a few days to come. How is this for a bit of reflexive mindfuck?


  1. i saw the Y! mag thing and felt smug about beating the crowd

  2. yeah, James. hami Nepali haru if we get the chance to beat anyone or everyone, we don't let go of it, do we?

    I'm enjoying your tilt-shifted photos on facebook.

  3. Is "conceited ass" too strong a phrase?

    And yes i did miss the column on Sunday.

    On today's bandha, wtf?
    Four days after a body remains unclaimed, and suddenly they realise how important their fallen cadre is, and they smell fish? Bollocks.

    What next?
    Wouldn't be surprised if there's another banda when our ex pm has irregular bowel moments! hmm something fishy....


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