Friday, May 22, 2009

Mission Paisa

"Mission Paisa," a Nepali movie I would have probably done a really bad job writing, is out. Tshiring Ritar Sherpa and I went to see it. Tshiring dai is an old hand in the Nepali movie scene, although he doesn't belong to the mainstream. Simos doesn't belong to the mainstream either--this movie was a passion project, made over three years, with tonnes of graphics and digital effects, all done by Simos, who is also the director, producer and editor. If he had better storytelling sense, he would be an auteur: for he has plenty by the way of style.

AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Adam Gilchrist just got out at 85!!!!!!! the man was raining magical runs! he was ON FIRE!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want Dehli to win this game. I think Sehwag played like the dumbest man on the field throughout the tournament, and I think the Chargers should win simply because they have been consistent, elegant, damn good at everything they do.

Hate IPL life right now.

hate life for another reason, too... feels like a large hole is forming under my feet and one morning not too long in the future, I will plunge into the darkness and despair, a crushing heartbreak... I guess I should just concentrate on the re-write of the script...


  1. Darkness and despair is eating here too a lot my friend. After receiving confirmation from college long ago, I am yet to receive papers in my hand. I am afraid whether hefty sum of stipend that they require to pay is making them reluctant. With each passing days I hv grown impatient ; hv felt a kind of helplessness and I am sick pretending people evth to be okay.Just praying it to be a postal error and nth more than that. Saaman, luga, kapada, kitab, room ma bhako sabai thok badisaken aba Jogi bhayera kahan banbaas jane hola, if i miss to fly this Fall? Hate life..hate myself….khubai kind, generous hune bhako. Can’t stop cursing myself …

    Loving this IPL season.Works like a pill to my heart-break.

    I will be the first person to run into the theatre if your script which u hv been recently working,is molded into cinema.Your film will be my first Nepali film watching experience.Till then enjoy ur script writing! Gud luck!

  2. So do I or do I not watch this movie? 3 years is a long time making it?

    If it has your contributions, perhaps I would like to check it out.

  3. it isn't worth the 100 you'll have to spend. I would actually bet on you leaving the theater half-way through. I was with Tshiring dai, who, on principal, doesn't walk out of any movie, and who, on principal, watches all new movies he can find, so I couldn't leave, but otherwise I would have.

    Also, I have only recently made my acquaintance with Nisha Adhikari and Simos Sunuwar--actress and director--so I wanted to see the movie, in case I have to tell them how I feel.


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